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Improving Compass business waste Environmental Impact November 2023 – Feb 2024

We have phased the introduction of waste balers in our warehouse to reduce our waste footprint and achieve more efficient recycling for cardboard and plastic waste from product packaging. These are recycled by a third party.

Our cardboard baler was successfully introduced in November 2023 with plastics and general landfill waste baling following in February 2024. The general waste compacter reduces the waste volume to a tenth of original volume.

Wood waste and polystyrene are also recycled to ensure that our landfill waste is absolutely minimal helping to reduce the environmental impact of our business.


Lowering Environmental Impact March 2024

 By April 2024 Compass will have replaced three of our vehicle fleet with new Nissan NV range vehicles so that all of our fleet will meet current LEZ requirements in Glasgow and Edinburgh helping to improve our environmental impact by lowering harmful emissions.

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